Sunday services

We gather as a body collectively on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings to hear solid preaching from the Word and make a joyful (structured) noise unto the Lord.

Meeting times:

Sunday mornings: 09:00 am.

Sunday evenings: 06:00 pm.

* Cry Room available for mothers
* Nursery and crèche: 6 months to 3 year olds
* Sunday School: 4-12 year
* Communion/Lord’s Supper: 1st Sunday morning of month/3rd Sunday Evening

Please feel free to visit us. Do not fear, we don’t want your money. We simply long to share the Word of God with all people of all races all over the world.

Statement of faith

“but we preach Christ crucified,(1 Cor 1:23)”

If you would like to know what we believe as a church, please look at our abbreviated statement of faith or our download our full doctrinal statement.

Latest News

To read the latest news of what’s happening in the Jeffreys Bay Bible Church circles, please visit the latest news page.

Jeffreys Bay Bible Church events

To view information on events hosted by Jeffreys Bay Bible Church, please visit the events page.

Weekly Bible studies

All are welcome to attend many of the Bible studies hosted by members of the church.

To view the Bible study schedule, visit the Bible studies page.

Prayer meetings

We gather on Saturday mornings at 7am to pray together. It’s an open event, and takes place at the church building. We also gather once per month on a Friday night to pray.

Visit the prayer meeting page to view the schedule.

Church blog

Visit the church blog to see what leaders from our church have to say about issues of the day, including homo-sexuality, eldership, heaven and hell, as well as evolution vs creation.

Sermon downloads

To download sermons preached by our elders, please visit the sermon downloads page.

Contact Jeffreys Bay Bible Church

You can find all the appropriate contact info on the contact page.

Jobs page

If you’re looking for something done, we’ve got the skills in our church! Visit the Jeffreys Bay jobs page to see if there’s someone there you could employ. If you would like to advertise your services, visit the contact us page for the approriate info with regards to this issue.

Jeffreys Bay Bible Church pictures

To view general church pics, visit our Gallery.


The Glories of Calvary