May 21

Worship in Music


Philosophy of Music Ministry:

We believe worship is a part of our daily walk with the Lord. Worship starts at home with our time with the Lord, in our families and in our work situations in good or bad, happy or sad occasions. As a church, we worship Christ through many actions. Worship is definitely not only about the music. We worship in giving, teaching, preaching, service, prayer and music.

Praise and worship during services are therefore a collective expression of our love and thanksgiving for what we already experienced during the week.

One aspect of our worship as a church is to rejoice in Christ by way of praising, singing and making music. The principles is found in Psalm 100:

  • Praise is joyful: Joyful noise, serve with gladness, Sings before His presence.
  • Praise is intelligent: Shows knowledge of God, Doctrinally correct but not only head knowledge- It is about the heart.
  • Praise is thankful: Praise with thankfulness, Gives all.
  • Praise admires God’s character: We serve a pleasant God, mercy, faithfulness and truth.

Our music teams are committed to leading the congregation in songs of praise and songs of worship. We try to follow a balanced approach and include songs of praise, psalms, old songs, new songs and to cater for young and old. We are serious about the words we sing and every worship session is build around a theme, focusing on Christ and our Father in Heaven.

We are blessed in that we have two music teams lead by Willie Oosthuizen and Harry Vernout.